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Look Fabulous 24/7!

Semi-permanent eyelashes are quickly becoming a necessity for women who want the latest in luxury beauty. Wake-up to longer, thicker and more beautiful lashes everyday. That’s why many women are choosing to transform their ordinary lashes to long and luscious with eyelash extensions.

This is a gentle and relaxing procedure. Individual, synthetic lashes of varying lengths are glued to your existing lashes one by one. Adds fullness, length, and the natural look of wearing mascara. The glue is safe and non-irritating and does not touch the skin. Different from strip lashes.

Perfect for brides, fun for special occasions or simply day-to-day wear
Treatment Time: 1-1?  hrs

TOUCH-UPS        $60
Recommended every 3-4 weeks.
Treatment time: 45 mins.

GROW THE "Lashes of Your Dreams"        $150
No more short, thinning or missing eyelashes.
Now a stunning, new patented eyelash technology.
Grow longer, fuller and darker lashes in just 2-4 weeks!  Must be applied every night!
Works for eyebrows too.

"Lash-it Up"LASH PERM        $65
Keep your lashes curled and fluffed all the time.
This simple Derma belle process is 100% safe.
Lasts 4-6 weeks. Treatment time: 1 hr.

LASH TINT        $20
BROW TINT      $20
BROW WAX     $20

Using a creamy, paraffin-based wax from Italy leaving your skin soft, smooth and supple. Specializes in precise speed waxing techniques.

Bikini/Brazilian      $25-45
Lower leg               $25
Arms                       $20-$30
Underarm              $15
Lip/Chin                 $6

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